About Us

Advantageous Design is a small, full service marketing and public relations firm offering unbeatable quality, savings, and service!

We specialize in supporting and launching small to mid-sized businesses. We understand what you are going through and how to support your needs as you grow.

We work closely with you, provide recommendations as if we were in your shoes, and strive to get you the best ROI for your buck.

Advantageous Design has done work for clients in a wide variety of different industries including financial institutions, healthcare facilities, non-profit organizations and clubs, dentists and dental labs, retail stores, the INL, museums, universities, craft shops, construction companies, authors, realtors, internet service providers, hotels, rental businesses, food processors, attorney offices, chiropractors, publications, security firms, library systems, restaurants, lodgings, furniture stores, and many more!

Advantageous Design was founded in January 2008, and is still owned by Rex Burch

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